What & Who Are You Making Videos For?(Your End -User) (Chapter 5)

Now I want to do is dive into your target audience and you’re even treating your videos for in the first place so this document is going to help you to really get clear on this but I wanted to mention that the research is important but creating content is the Mano and the research we’re gonna be doing in this lesson is really important at the end of the day Creating your content is the largest priority and personal experience. It could be really easy to get caught up in the phase phase and just over analyzing your content in general so take this lesson with a grain and focus on learning from putting content into the world and seeing what works and what doesn’t trial and error versus getting stuck in the over planning and over analyzation phase you see that in a second because there are a lot of different ways to analyze your target audience. All of these techniques are extremely important as well as PDF walk-through this thing so you get a broad perspective of what we’re gonna be looking at and then we’re gonna hop over to Chat GPT to plug this information and find out who your target audience is the first factor that we want to look at overall demographics so we want to gather information on our target audiences age, gender, income, education, level and occupation. This is gonna help to understand their online habits in which content will speak directly to them the reason why that’s important are pretty obvious the next one that’s not as important but I still wanted to add is the geographical location depending on what kind of content this can be more or less important so understanding where your audience is located. The country and region can help you just overall create videos more specific to your audience is their archetype and this is important because we understand your audience lifestyle values attitudes and overall personality traits which can help you to connect with them on any emotional level which is incredibly important with social media content and more effective messaging. It’s about their interest which is similar to their archetype but this is really just diving into what activities they enjoy and this can help you create content more relevant and engaging and point number five would be there so we analyze our audiences use websites to social media platforms that they use and what kind of content are they already engaging with their purchase history? Which again this is not massively important depending on the type of content but for some creators that are content to drive an audience to product that they are trying to sell whether that’s a product or a service this can be beneficial so we want to look at what products or services your audience has already purchased in the past. This is gonna help us identify their patterns and understand their purchasing habits which is extremely important on this list which is understanding this means the problems and challenges that your audience is facing and this is where you want to position your content and your messaging as the solution to their specific needs loyalty so this is for identifying your audiences loyalty and how they view your competitors so they might have loyalty to a specific clothing brand or specific product but they also might have loyalty to other creators in a similar spaces you that is really important to identify so you can drill down on your unique value proposition. What makes you uniquely other brands or other video creators can’t necessarily replicate the next important point is their goals and aspirations so we understand what your audience wants to achieve their life and how your content can help them so it’s similar to number seven about the pain this is gonna help you further messaging that alliance with their aspiration so it’s saying similar thing in a slightly different way number 10 is slightly different than everything else on this list which is feedback and review so once you’re putting content online you wanna look at the feedback at the comments and the overall engagement from your audience because of course this is gonna help you to understand how they perceiving you your potential brand your potential product or service and how you can improve it so I personally done this process of identifying my target audience and helping students identify their audience many times over the years and the cool thing is that we have these brand new tools such as CBT that are going to help us take this process takes a lot more googling a lot more online research analytics we’re able to synthesize so much more information so much more quickly than ever the specific AI so in the next lesson will both hop in the chat so that we can quickly and effectively identify our target audience.

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