Walk through & Maximize your course experiment (Chapter 2)

Before we get started because this is literally over 19 hours of content, I wanted to give you an overview of different sections of how you can maximize your experience. This is gonna be the main page and watch all of the lessons down here in the bottom. Ask a question for specific lesson you can take notes of different lessons and this is where we have all of the design modular different section with an overview of your success Equipment you need to get into all of the social media content on Facebook and Instagram so this is for you to be able to watch the course all the way through but also if there’s a certain section that does not offer to what you specifically trying to create you can skip forward to the following lessons. A lot of the lessons are going to have Assets in the resources tab click tab and get the PDF lessons alongside some of our lessons also articles give more information about a specific topic spoken about so much into making this class as effective and useful as possible for you take the time we really recommend going through the entire course from start to finish to get the most benefit possible and if there’s any areas at all in the course that you could be improved upon do not hesitate at all to reach out to Dan directly so that we will see you next.

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