Learning activity: What Are Your Big Content Goals? (Chapter 4)

So now let’s get into the first learning activity of this course we’re gonna talk about is you developing your content goals? So before we get into this chapter what I wanna do is take five minutes to put together some of your video Contain goals and this is gonna act as a guide and give you a clear direction to work towards during this entire course so there’s gonna be three things I want you to fill out here first is why do you want to create content in the first place and share content online and what I want you to think about here is what lights you up and what motivates you to work hard and to produce content in the first place as a video Create Next is what are your main content goals to achieve by the end of this course? This is extremely important to keep in mind as your progressing and as we walk you through all of the tools and techniques that you’re gonna gain from the following chapters and number three what does success look like for you for the content that you’re gonna be creating a year from now? This is a good thing to keep in mind because you wanna know what your short term goals are and you really want to keep in mind where you wanna be a year from now two years from now and three years from now so I’ll attach this PDF as a resource to this lesson that you can download and fill out before moving onto the next lesson.

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