Introduction to researching each social media platform & planning (Chapter 3)

Section you will learn how to find out what your videos should look like and look like successful channels are doing in your space. We are going to show you how to research in your discover are doing well from this world examples in this section channels what they look like what they like how they doing it what they creating about learning from research your own channels and have the best chance of success and other examples are tested , in the short amount of time, even if you already have a have a channel even if you’ve already started creating research something we need to do your create uploading videos. There is a reason that we often see similar topics or across the same people researching what is working in space. Other are doing well innovate on contents of success similar research research could potentially save you a bunch of uploading and trial and error on your video normally upload constantly didn’t work and stop doing things and keep doing things well and learn from the analytics mistakes and wins if you research properly incorrectly if you research what those channels are doing and topics what’s going on in your space? You can save so much time and we can work out exactly what our content audience is impossible to create for the correct audience. The right type of videos with your purpose and also to research channels and stars to move forward straight into the lecture.

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